Ph.D. Positions in Cancer Research

Biomedical Center, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University, is seeking students for the following Ph.D. study topics in the doctoral study programme of Experimental Surgery:

- DNA damage and its repair in mitochondrial DNA, implications in cancer cell

  (Tutor: MUDr. Pavel Vodicka, CSc.)

- Telomere homeostasis in interaction with DNA damage response in solid carcinogenesis

  (Tutor: MUDr. Pavel Vodicka, CSc.)

- Genomic/chromosomal instability in relation to microenvironment in colorectal cancer

  (Tutor: MUDr. Ludmila Vidckova, CSc.)

- Modelling of vessel tree in liver based on multi-domain CT scans

  (Tutor: Ing. Miroslav Jirik, Ph.D.)

- Differences in miRNA profile between colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer liver metastasis

  (Tutor: Mgr. Filip Ambrozkiewicz, Ph.D.)

- Explaining transition from nonmetastatic stage II to metastatic stages III and IV colon cancer through assessment of tumor microenvironment

  (Tutor: Andriy Trailin, M.D., DSc.)

- Immune cell landscape in primary and metastatic colorectal cancer

  (Tutor: Andriy Trailin, M.D., DSc.)

- Assessment of pharmacogenomics in breast cancer using multiomics methods

  (Tutor: Mgr. Viktor Hlavac. Ph.D.)

- Analysis of non-coding RNA as potential biomarkers in patients with solid tumors

  (Tutor: Mgr. Karolina Seborova, Ph.D.)

- Identification of prognostic and predictive molecular biomarkers of solid tumors at the level of DNA, RNA and in the form of circulating tumor DNA

  (Tutor: RNDr. Mgr. Radka Vaclavikova, Ph.D.)

- New therapeutic regimens and molecular basis of their action in experimental models of solid tumors

  (Tutor: RNDr. Mgr. Radka Vaclavikova, Ph.D.)

- Assisted recellularization of porcine liver scaffolds: Role of acoustic waves in tissue engineering

  (Tutor: RNDr. Vladimira Moulisova, Ph.D.)

- Decellularized porcine vessels as grafts with a great potential

  (Tutor: RNDr. Vladimira Moulisova, Ph.D.)


Application deadline: April 30, 2023

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