Our Research Focus

LiskaBiomedical Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen focuses on research and development in the field of replacement and regeneration of vital organs.

Research Objectives of the Center:

  • •  Development of clinically relevant biological models which allow for the reliable translation of experimental findings to the clinical level.
  • •  Measures for increasing the success rate and expanding the options for kidney transplants. Study of the mechanisms of the effect of viral infections on graft rejection and dysfunction. Prevention of viral infections. Kidney transplants from non-beating-heart donors, prevention of ischemia-reperfusion damage.
  • •  Optimisation of kidney failure treatment through dialysis. Minimisation of anticoagulant therapy. Optimisation of the biological compatibility of dialyzers and solutions. Collaboration with dialysis machines and products manufacturers.
  • •  Clarification of the mechanisms of sepsis-induced multiple organ dysfunction. Development of new treatment concepts: Identification of molecular targets and crucial organelles and organs for therapeutic intervention.
  • •  Clarification of the role of the cardiovascular system in the etiopathogenesis of various illnesses (renal failure, sepsis). Contribution of arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis. Determination of risks of developing arrhythmia.
  • •  Identification of the biomarkers of organ damage, especially in early, reversible stages. Collaboration with diagnostic set manufacturers.
  • •  Development and refinement of methods for the optimal isolation, cultivation, purification and application of embryonic and adult stem cells. Collaboration with companies developing commercial applications for stem cells, such as in the field of implantable medical devices.
  • •  Use of stem cells for the regeneration of target organs (liver, heart, CNS). Optimisation of methodological aspects.
  • •  Refinement of in vitro fertilisation techniques. Research of mechanisms regulating gamete development, early embryogenesis and embryo implantation. Collaboration with prenatal diagnosis and assisted reproduction centres.

The objectives are being fulfilled within two research programmes: Replacement and support of vital organ functions, and Regeneration and repair of vital organs.

The Chaperon Research management strategy.


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