Article by the Laboratory of Cancer Treatment and Tissue Regeneration published in Nature Communications

The team of the Laboratory of Cancer Treatment and Tissue Regeneration together with the research team from ETH Zürich led by prof. Inge Hermann published the article Modular stimuli-responsive hydrogel sealants for early gastrointestinal leak detection and containment in the journal Nature Communications (IF 14.92, Q1).

The project deals with the issue of anastomotic leak in digestive tract surgery and the development of an innovative patch for defects and anastomoses on the digestive tract. The task of the patch is both the prevention of the leak itself as well as its early diagnosis, which is ensured by its diagnostic components. If these components come into contact with the digestive tract, there is a change in the structure of these particles and thus a change in their echogenicity during sonography and a change in their density in a CT scan. This phenomenon enables early diagnosis of postoperative leak, which is essential for the prognosis of patients with this complication.

Img.1 Img.2 Img. 3

Img. 1: Published article

Img. 2: Examples of sealant patches ex vivo with diagnostic components

Img. 3: Applied patches on a defect on the small intestine (left), ultrasound detection of the patches in vivo in active (middle) and non-active state (right


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