Visit of collaborating laboratory from Stony Brook University in New York and joint publication with the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics: "Anticancer regimens containing the third-generation taxanes SB-T-121605 and SB-T-121606 are highly effective in

Members of the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics (K. Šeborová, A. Spálenková and R. Václavíková) visited the collaborating laboratory of prof. Ojima from the Institute for Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery (Stony Brook University).

The laboratories collaborate on research of new derivatives of paclitaxel, the so-called Stony Brook taxanes, which are potential candidates for overcoming drug resistance in cancer.

A mutual collaboration between the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics, Stony Brook University (prof. Ojima's group) and Biocev (Dr. Truksa's group) has now resulted in a joint publication studying two promising SB-T taxanes (SB-T-121605, SB-T-121606) in resistant ovarian cancer. The publication was published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology (IF 5.988, Q1 in Pharmacology & Pharmacy).

In this original work, the efficacy of these two derivatives in a resistant model of ovarian carcinoma was described, both in vitro and in vivo. Both derivatives demonstrated significantly higher efficacy than conventional paclitaxel in all experiments performed, including reducing tumor growth in a mouse model. The study also showed a way to reduce the side cytotoxic effects of these derivatives.

Article is freely available from:


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