Review on the immunogenicity of decellularized xenogeneic scaffolds published in Material Science and Engineering C

The team of the Laboratory of Cancer Treatment and Tissue Regeneration just published a review in Material Science and Engineering C (IF 7.3) regarding “Decellularized xenogeneic scaffolds in transplantation and tissue engineering: Immunogenicity versus positive cell stimulation”, M. S. Massaro, R. Pálek, J. Rosendorf, L. Červenková, V. Liška and V. Moulisová.

The review summarizes current knowledge on the immune reaction in vivo developed after the xenogeneic implantation of decellularized tissues between different species. The immune reaction determines the acceptance or rejection of the implant through the two macrophage types M1 or M2.

IMG 01

The review also introduces the role of specific proteins in the ECM-cells interaction and especially the hypothesis that proteins from a different species can support the adhesion and growth of human cells in order to functionalise in vitro the decellularized tissues.

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