Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics publication “Oxysterols in Cancer Management: From Therapy to Biomarkers”

The prestigious journal British Journal of Pharmacology British Journal of Pharmacology (IF = 7,73; 97th percentile in pharmacology) has recently published a review article by A. Spálenková, P. Holý and Assoc. Prof. Souček from the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics, pertaining to the roles of oxysterols in therapy of cancer.

Oxysterols are oxidized derivatives of cholesterol, affecting a plethora of processes in the organism, in particular by their interactions with metabolizing enzymes, membrane transporters, and receptors of multiple signaling pathways. In recent years the amount of evidence linking oxysterols to carcinogenesis and progression of cancer has been growing sharply.

This paper is the first one to concisely summarize and analyze the latest evidence of modulation of hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy by oxysterols, and evaluate the potential of using oxysterols themselves as anticancer agents or predictive and prognostic biomarkers.

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