Albert Schweitzer prize for students of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

26th annual prizes of the French embassy of the Czech Republic for young czech scientists in postgraduate studying programs were announced this year. These were given in seven categories according to the scientific discipline of the nominees. Two students of our faculty were awarded the Albert Schweitzer prize for medical research. Student Jachym Rosendorf, M.D. was awarded a 3rd place prize for his research „Experimental use of nanofibrous materials for prevention of intestinal anastomotic leakage“ and Richard Palek, M.D. was awarded a 2nd place prize for his work on „Perfusion decellularization of whole liver - first step in new organ development“. Both of them are students of Assoc. Prof. Vaclav Liska, M.D., PhD, who is an Albert Schweitzer prize awardee himself for the year 2000. The students worked on their projects under his supervision at the Laboratory of Cancer Treatment and Tissue Regeneration of the Biomedical Center. The awarding Ceremony was held on 2nd July in the facility of the French Institute in Prague in presence of the French ambassador Roland Galharague. The opening speech is annually given by a chemistry nobelist Jean-Marie Lehn, who was able to participate only electronically this year due to the epidemiological situation. The financial award is accompanied by a month internship in a research facility in France for the first and the second prize awardees sponsored by the Pierre-Fabre Medicament company. We congratulate the awardees.

MUDr. Jan Brůha, Ph.D.


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